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“You were all administered the same treatment, which helped you make full recoveries. But we see now that something happens when women undergo major biological shifts, such as menopause. Then once put under a certain level of stress, you get full activation of your abilities.”


Three women navigating the normal changes in midlife must suddenly deal with the development of superpowers.

On the command of the military that gave them these abilities, they hunt down a woman they are told is a threat. When the true motives of their abilities come to light, will they be able to harness their superpowers and stop the experiments to create more women like them?

Colleen O’Doherty
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Strange Flock
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Helen   Anastasia Mostov
Elizabeth   Mireia Moreno
Kelly   Francois Greenacre
Mariah   Nikol Kollars
Agent with bat   Barclay Martin
Agent in alley   Gerard Pàmies
Kelly’s ex-husband   Claudio Huerta
Justin   Yves Elmir
Diane   Sydney Triggs


Director   Katelyn McGill
Assistant Director   Dani Lorenzo Pizarro
On-set VFX Supervisor   Natasha Troetsch
Director of Photography   Joan Planelles
Gaffer and Aux Camera   Jorge Baste
Aux Camera   Sofia Diego
Aux Camera  Erik Skoogh
Makeup   Marta García Buetas
Storyboard Artist   Katarzyna Rzedzian


Visual Effects   Strange Flock Creative Studio
Compositors   Gemma Casamayor Esteve, Oriol Argullós
VFX Artists   Marcelo López, Natasha Troestch, Dani Lorenzo Pizarro, Tariq Kinani, Xavier Latorre Cascante, Katelyn McGill
Color Correction   Sarai Cuesta Zarzosa
Music   David Ian Harrell
Graphic Design   Megan King

For inquiries about funding, production and post-production of the power surge film, contact info@strangeflock.com